Fidget Hand Spinner App Reviews

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I love this game

I got all the special spinners in the game

Literally saved my life

I was on a downward spiral before this app, my wife hated me as did my seventy three illegitimate children, I serious depression and my life was a mess, and I decided it wasn't worth it anymore, I started this app to have some fun before I pulled the trigger, I played for five minutes and finally had a real reason to live, thank you🙏


Good game bro


Fidget spinners r gay

Like it

Cool game

Good but has flaws

The app works well and is fun, but it should allow more than 1 custom spinner and it's also laggy. Those are the only problems tho and otherwise it's cool


Good game!! Love the spinners !! They are so easy to unlock!!4 star 👏🏻 bravo!!


Ugh I hate this app so much!!!


Needs to allow more than one custom spinner.


Why does this exist

Cool i guess


This app for limited time

It's because it's a fad a fad so when 2017 ends no more Fidget spinners and no more fidget spinner app and keep your fidget spinner for the future


This is an awesome game. There are so many spinners to try, they are easy to unlock and I can't stop playing.


Kool app..

Good game

I love fidget spinners expectant with my ADHD


Love love love love love love love love

I love this game

This game is the best and I have I 5 stars good job

Easy and Fun

It doesn't take long to get hooked!

Great game👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Fun game def get it


This I a cool game

Addicting fun!

Fun app! Very addicting!

I love to fidget

This game is awesome and fidgety. I got this app because I did not own a fidget spinner


Great game.

Cool App

Save money and safely spin various unique designs and create your own!

4 star game⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I give this game 4 stars because it's good add fun also a free game 😱😵 I know right . Those are the good things but these are bad things first bad thing that's bad about this game 😱is that it gets so boring sometimes because all you have to do is spin😕😫 but still fun because you get to unlock bonus fidget spinner. That's it bye-bye hope people get this game


good custom fidget spinner designs would be great example custom shape from photo library


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Find Madison Maddylop01 on musically

Hand fidget spinner is just like it has like a really good feeling and the all these cool fidget spinners like they just show up every single time when I when I get a new score 👍👍👍👍👍👍 follow me on musically

Love it 😃😃😃😃😃

It's amazing 1000-10 get it free


U can unlock a lot of fidget spinners! I love it!


Very cool to play with the fidget spinners

Amazing game

The games amazing


Best game ever




Cool an fun

This is awesome

I like ''tis game

My brother loves it

My brother was playing with my iPad and he was on the game for a while but he was so happy for playing this app

Peace out of your day

This game has been the best since I have found it in the App Store thank you for the amazing game


You should buy this up because is awesome


It's very addicting and fun


Best fidget app ever✌️️👌


I love your app can you please make more


This app is so fun to play with to be completely honest! I think the physics in it were perfectly fine. And this isn't just for idiots who diss on spinners. It really helps you focus. I should know, I have ADHD!

This is the best fidget game I have yet

I like figit spinner

Great game

What is everyone's ranking?




This is an good app

Best game ever

It's a really good game

Good game



I need to stop playing this but I can't

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